The Premiere of “Between Two Seas” in the Presence of a number of Actors and Public Figures


Group photo of “Between Two Seas” filmmakers .
Group photo of “Between Two Seas” filmmakers. (Photo: Courtesy of the National Council for Women)

Cairo, 16 October 2019 – The premiere of “Between Two Seas” was held yesterday evening in the presence of Dr. Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women;  Ms. Gielan Elmessiri, UN Women Deputy Country Representative, and the filmmakers as well as a number of public figures. The film is the product of a joint collaboration between the National Council for Women, UN Women, Axeer and development partners.

In her speech after screening the film, Dr. Maya Morsy expressed her content for the release of this exceptional film. Dr. Morsy highlighted that the film received many awards but is awaiting the grand award from the public’s feedback. Dr. Morsy added that the film will be screened in all governorates in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and she thanked the filmmakers for their outstanding performance.

For her part, Ms. Gielan El-Messiri, UN Women Deputy Country Representative, emphasized the important role that art, specifically cinema, plays in highlighting issued related to women’s empowerment in a unique way that reaches the public and positively influence them. She thanked all filmmakers and partners for their efforts to release the film in a decent manner.

The film will be released in theaters starting today Wednesday 16 October 2019. “Between Two Seas” is written by Mariam Naoum, directed by Anas Tolba, screenplay by Amani Tunisian and starring Fatma Adel, Yara Jubran, Tharaa Jubail, Mahmoud Fares, Arfa Abdel Rasoul and Lubna Wans.

The story revolves around a short visit by Zahra to her town in a suburb of Cairo, where her daughter is exposed to a tragic accident, after which Zahra seeks to gain her daughter’s right and insists on completing her education and benefiting her community. The film highlights the various societal issues facing women, especially in rural areas.

It is worth mentioning that “Between Two Seas” has won six awards so far during its tour in regional and international festivals, winning two awards at the Aswan International Women’s Film Festival; the Nout Award for Best Supporting Women’s Issues; and the Best Director Award from the Film Career Syndicate. The film also won two awards for best director Anas Tolba, the best screenplay award from the Taza International Diversity Film Festival in Morocco, in addition to the Certificate of Achievement and the best film award from the Brooklyn International Film Festival. It has also been screened at a number of festivals in Europe.

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