Survivor centre integrated approach

Ending violence against women and girls (VAW&G) requires an integrated approach. For the provision of comprehensive and targeted services for victims of VAW&G, UN Women Egypt aims to establish a survivor-centered referral system. Case management at the local level through shelters and specialized service providers assures that victims do not face solitude while recovering from experiencing violence. Innovative community mobilization and capacity building sessions for shelter staff and community leaders assure the social reintegration of survivors. The programme also collaborates with local and international civil society organizations to develop spaces free from all forms of violence against women and girls in areas within and beyond Cairo.

Supporting government institutions and civil society organizations with technical expertise has been complemented with a nationwide media campaign to ‘Speak Up’ (‘Mateskotoosh’) against acts of VAW&G. Following the campaign of captivating billboards (changing face from daytime to night time) in Cairo, Minya, and Alexandria, and two radio and TV ads aired on prominent channels, media products went viral just hours after their release reaching thousands of likes on Facebook, and an estimated viewership of 1.7 million for the TV and radio ads, which successfully contributed to break the silence and spark an open debate on VAW&G.


Building upon and expanding existing partnerships, achievements, good practices and lessons learned, more innovative awareness raising tools and methods for community mobilization across Egypt are planned , with the overall aim to change community attitudes to end violence against women.

It is worth mentioning that this programme is being implemented with the generous support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).