Women's Employment and Their Rights in the Egyptian Labor Law


These Flyers are about Women's Employment and their Rights in the Egyptian Labor Law. 

Under the Joint programme "Promoting productive Employment and Decent Work for Women in Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine" and within the framework of enhancing inclusive learning and conducive environment for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for girls, these informative flyers have been produced to explain that the Egyptian constitution, International agreements, covenants and national laws stipulate the right of women to work and that the state is obligated to take all measures to achieve equality between male and female citizens in terms of freedom of choice of profession, wages, terms and conditions of work and ensure compatibility and facilitation of work-life balance. 

The programme aims to promote Productive Employment and Decent work for women in Egypt by promoting equitable laws and policies, address the unpaid care, and engage public, private and community actors to encourage women to enter all different occupations.

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